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You know, $35 parking at Yankee Stadium isn't that bad

A pay machine inside a parking lot at

A pay machine inside a parking lot at Yankee Stadium on opening day. (March 31, 2011) Credit: Newsday / Robert Cassidy

When you read about parking prices in certain lots at Yankee Stadium costing $35 this season, it can put a damper on your day. Same as if you hear it on the news, or from a friend, or from the parking lot attendant. (More details coming Thursday on this.)

It's just another reminder that the days of saving coupons from the back of Dellwood milk cartons to get a free ticket in the upper deck are long since gone.

But when you do some math, it's not all that outrageous a chunk of change to unload from your wallet in order to park at the Stadium. Consider the costs involved for Long Islanders with these other forms of transportation to the big ballpark in the Bronx:

Long Island Rail Road

One off-peak, round-trip ticket costs between $10 and $36.50, depending on which zone you come from. Tack on the $4.50 roundtrip subway, and you're looking at doling at anywhere from $14.50 to $41 to get to a game. Again, that's per person. Plus, many LIRR parking lots have metered parking, so tack on another buck or two to park for what amounts to roughly six hours at the station.

NYC parking lots

Figure a minimum four-hour stay at a New York City parking lots, which puts you in that "2-10 hours" pay range. A fair price assumption for that is $30, plus the $4.50 round-trip subway (per person). No need to add on the price of tolls here, since if you drove to park at the Stadium, you'd be paying the same tolls. Of course, it's possible to find street parking for free (or a long-enough meter), and if you are so lucky, then buy yourself an extra hot dog at the Stadium.


This requires either taking the LIRR to Penn Station, or driving into the city. But, a round-trip off-peak ticket from Grand Central Station to the E. 153rd Street station at Yankee Stadium costs $11.50 per person. Again, if you tack on the LIRR costs, or the parking garage costs, it's no bargain.

New York Water Taxi

Long Islanders could drive into the city and take the Delta Baseball Ferry from South Street Seaport (or E. 35th Street) for free. Better to be safe, though, and buy a ticket online for the whopping price of $1 in service charges. No phone reservations, and no return service provided, so throw in a subway ride back into the city for $2.25. Now add on a LIRR ticket or tolls and parking and again, not that huge a savings for the inconvenience of taking multiple forms of transportation.

Of course, there are some lots around the Stadium that charge a cheaper rate, as well. And of course, there's always your couch and a television set!

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