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A little Michael Bisping video

All the meditation in the world didn't help

All the meditation in the world didn't help Michael Bisping at UFC 100. Still, his intensity is impressive. (July 11, 2009) Credit: UFC Photo

Michael Bisping has himself a big fight with Dan Miller at UFC 114 on May 29. Miller is a ground guy who spent most of his fight against Demian Maia on his feet.

Bisping is a stand-up guy who showed some nice ground work against Denis Kang at UFC 105, but lost his next bout in a close decision to Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110.

A win here and Bisping gets himself into middleweight title contention. He's already "in the mix," as UFC president Dana White likes to say about non-main eventers. The loss to Silva wasn't too damaging since it went three rounds, and if not for that knockdown in the final 10 seconds, Bisping could have won the decision.

Should Bisping, an "Ultimate Fighter" winner, beat Miller, perhaps one or two more eliminator bouts until he gets a title shot against Anderson Silva, or whoever has the title at that point? Hard to imagine that, seeing how Bisping's image is still shaped by the Dan Henderson knockout at UFC 100 last July. Time to move forward, people.

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