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Anthony Johnson, Rashad Evans and bad math

Have a look at these two quotes from Rashad Evans that were in a UFC press release sent out Friday morning to hype up Anthony Johnson's fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC 142.

“Where he is right now, he’s so scary. You can’t imagine how much of a difference moving up to middleweight has made to not only his strength but also his technique. As a welterweight, maybe 60% of his camp was about making 170lbs, leaving only 40% for boxing, striking, wrestling, BJJ, judo and everything else. Much less than half of his time was actually spent on improving his skills and transitions.

“Now he’s spending maybe 80% and more on technique and real fitness training, not just training to lose pounds. He’s a scary, scary athlete right now."

Seeing how Johnson weighed in at 197 pounds on Friday, maybe he should go back to a 60/40 split, huh?

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