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Campbell McLaren on Dana White, Ken Shamrock and Rorion Gracie

UFC co-creator Campbell McLaren, right, poses with 700-pound

UFC co-creator Campbell McLaren, right, poses with 700-pound American sumo wrestler Emmanuel Yarborough, who was knocked out by Keith Hackney in the first round at UFC 3 on Sept. 9, 1994, in Charlotte, N.C. Credit: Handout

A 90-minute sit-down with UFC co-creator Campbell McLaren will generate quite a few laughs at the table, and a few more when transcribing the quotes from his stories and anecdotes.

Not all of them can find their way into the story, even in the world of unlimited space on the Internets.

So here are some of the quotes you'll enjoy reading that couldn't find their way into the story on how "There are no rules" helped shaped the course of the UFC then and now.

On his first meeting with Rorion Gracie (a vegetarian) in New York City in 1993 . . .

“Where do you take the toughest guy in the world, the guy that would fight anyone? Smith & Wollensky. I figured he’ll ask for the meat raw."

On fighter Kevin Rosier and the "chiseled" photo he sent in to be a part of UFC 1 . . .

“I saw him on the treadmill before the event with a pizza box. On the treadmill. But he came and he fought.”

On fighter Ken Shamrock . . .

“His nipples had muscles.”

On attending a UFC event . . .

“Their live events are great. Our live events sucked. We were just trying to keep this World War I biplane afloat."

On marketing, promotion and Tank Abbott . . .

“I offered Tank Abbott extra money to throw someone out of the octagon."

On the name Ultimate Fighting Championship . . .

“I hated it. It reminded me of ultimate frisbee. It’s just goofy.”

On UFC president Dana White . . .

“Dana is like Lex Luther and he’s not even afraid of Superman. I’m a huge Dana fan.”

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