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Chael Sonnen, in his own words

Chael Sonnen flexes after weighing in at a

Chael Sonnen flexes after weighing in at a UFC weigh-in event in Oakland, Calif. Photo Credit: AP

The downside to broadcasting "MMA Uncensored" live on Spike is that their PR department can't release quotes from guest co-host Chael Sonnen because they don't know what he's going to say.

The upside to broadcasting "MMA Uncensored" live on Spike is that we don't know what guest co-host Chael Sonnen is going to say.

Until now.

Sonnen offered some legitimate commentary, some muddying of the facts and of course a few zingers. Not his best overall work in terms of outlandish quotes, but here's his highlight reel from Thursday night:

On his rift with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva

"Here's the deal with Anderson. My beef isn't so much with him, it's with everybody else. I get real sick and tired of seeing guys in the back asking for his autographs and taking pictures of him. And then when they get on the camera themselves, they pretend that they're tough guys. If you put a microphone in someone's face and he calls out anyone other than the champion, he might as well turn in his pink slip. If you're not here to be the best, get to the end of the line because you don't belong. I'm not sidestepping this guy or anybody else."

On losing by triangles

"That was a misapplication of the rules by me. I thought if you surrendered to a hold, you lost the round. I thought I still defeated him. I wasn't aware they would stop the fight."

On Rampage

"He's a crybaby, but I find it entertaining. I like when he goes out on his campaigns about entitlement and he should be given easy fights."


"Anytime a person says 'performance enhancer,' stop talking to them because they don't have the intellect to debate with you."

On War Machine

"He's got a quality that I look for in a person, that I like, and that is he is shady. The kids that I always liked best in school were the ones  I met right outside the principal's office."


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