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Chris Weidman talks Anderson Silva and elbow surgery

Hofstra's Chris Weidman took third place at 197

Hofstra's Chris Weidman took third place at 197 pounds in the 2007 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Auburn Hills, Mich. (March 17, 2007) Credit: Tony Ding

Baldwin's Chris Weidman gave an interview on Tuesday's edition of "UFC Tonight" on Fuel TV to talk about not fighting Anderson Silva.

Here's the transcript of what he had to say on Silva, UFC 153, UFC 155 and his recent elbow surgery.

Weidman on how he felt when he heard about the Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar fight:“I was a little shocked and confused and a little disappointed. I had just ended up getting elbow surgery a week ago. As soon as I was done announcing my Boetsch fight, getting elbow surgery, the same week I find out that Silva is fighting Bonnar at UFC 153. You know it is tough, they are acting like he is doing a good deed, which is good, but it is a smart move on his part. It is definitely very calculated. He is going into a fight with odds I have never seen before, 14 to one. He is not a dummy. Anybody could lose, it is just that sport, but he is going to make a couple million dollars at odds I’ve never seen before. It is just disappointing for me. But, I just have to keep moving forward.”

Weidman on tweeting “ouch” after hearing the news about Silva vs. Bonnar: “Yeah, as soon as I heard the news I was just shocked. This whole time he and his managers’ were dead set on not fighting until 2013. They didn’t give a reason, but they were set. I thought it was fishy that they picked up a fight like it’s no big deal and I’m being called the number-one contender. They are saying it is not a marketable fight because I don’t have a lot of fights. But, I am the number-one contender, he should fight me. It is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it. I am going to stay confident and the only thing I am thinking about is my fight against Boetsch on December 29. 

Weidman on if he would have fought Silva at 205: “I would have definitely fought at 205. Would I have fought him on this card? No, because I just had elbow surgery. I wouldn’t have been ready on this fight coming up. But anytime he wants to fight at 205 I’m down.”

Weidman on if he thinks Silva is ducking him: “I don’t know. I just think I am definitely a big risk for him on paper. I am a good wrestler with good jiu jitsu and I don’t think he has seen anyone like me with my athleticism. On paper, I am a dead match for him. I think I am a tough challenge. I think his managers, more than him, are keeping him away from me. They want me to get more fights under my belt. They are not jumping with joy to have me fight Anderson.”

Weidman on if he is still facing Boetsch: “It is still on. I am excited for that fight. He is a warrior. He is a tough guy. I am excited for the challenge to see what I can do against that guy. I am going to train my butt off, hope to be 100 percent healthy and go out there and see what I can do and hope for the best.”

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