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CNN Money needs a bailout after this MMA video

Mike Andrillo, a North Babylon resident and New York City fire fighter, was the subject of this CNN Money video report on "The brutal biz of mixed martial arts."

The portion of the video involving Andrillo was fine. No problems there. It's always cool to hear from MMA fighters at the local promotion level. It's kind of like being able to tell people now that you saw Derek Jeter play in Single-A Rookie Ball in 1992.

But the CNN Money part of the video is awful. Did they really reference the Sen. John McCain "human cockfighting" quote from 15 years ago and dust off a soundbite from him? Oh, they did. Right there at the 1:05 mark. Wow! Remarkable.

Sure, they mentioned that UFC put in new rules. No Dana White soundbytes, though.

Perhaps to the casual sporting fan that has heard of MMA but doesn't know it stands for "mixed martial arts," this video as a whole was OK. Of course, if that's their first exposure to the sport, it's a massive misrepresentation.

You don't need to be a hardcore MMA fan to understand this. Anyone with a basic understanding of the sport will be able to see through this clip.

This was CNN Money and they made very little mention of the financial aspect of things. Odd, don't you think?

Again, this has nothing to do with Andrillo. In fact, Fightin' Words is going to track him down and give the fella a little more pub coming soon. In the meantime, watch the video below.

Props to Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Cagewriter for first exposing this video for what it is.

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