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Dana White on Chael Sonnen

LAS VEGAS -- UFC president Dana White made clear his opinion of the California State Athletic Commission's decision last week to uphold the indefinite suspension of middleweight Chael Sonnen.

Speaking with reporters after the UFC 130 press conference Wednesday afternoon at MGM Grand, White said he thinks the CSAC stuck it to Sonnen.

"Chael Sonnen has a big mouth," White said. "Chael Sonnen says some dumb - -. Chael Sonnen whatever. Chael Sonnen served his sentence."

Sonnen was suspended in September for one year by the CSAC after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone after his fight against Anderson Silva in UFC 117. He had his sentence reduced to six months in December, then changed to an indefinite suspension in April and upheld last week at a hearing. Sonnen's "indefinite" suspension expires in late June but he cannot apply for a fight license in California until May 2012.

"What happened to Chael Sonnen is absolutely insane," White said. "It's unfair. It's injust."

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