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For $4, Rich Franklin will call you

Who needs to beg for a birthday retweet when you can have former UFC champion Rich Franklin pick up the phone and call you instead?

For $4, it's now possible. Actually, it's $3.99. And, actually, the only picking up of the phone is done by the recipient of the call.

Franklin is one of the folks attached to a new website, which is fairly self-explanatory: A celebrity calls someone, and it starts on the Internet. Other sports figures on their roster include John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Mike Tyson and Pete Rose. (A real enterprising person with the right information could feasibly spend $8 and have Calipari call Pitino on his birthday, and vice-versa.)

Among the drawbacks: you can't talk back and you can't ask him about his upcoming UFC 147 headliner bout in Brazil against Wanderlei Silva.

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