The Giants are 5.5-point underdogs at home against the quarterback some consider the best of the past decade.

But upsets happen. Just ask Anderson Silva and Baldwin’s Chris Weidman.

And after the aura surrounding Peyton Manning quarterbacking a football team shined a bit brighter since his seven-touchdown performance for Denver on NFL’s opening night, any type of extra motivation can’t hurt.

That’s why the Giants requested footage of Weidman’s victory from the UFC and planned to show it to the team on Saturday night.

Weidman won the middleweight championship when he knocked out Silva at UFC 162 last July with a left hook in the second round. Although he wasn’t as big an underdog in sports books as the Giants are Sunday, the upset was monumental. Silva was the unstoppable fighter, unbeaten in seven years, and had never been knocked out.

“I may have to root for the Giants now,” Weidman told Newsday. “I think the Broncos are done for now if [the Giants] watch my fight.”

Weidman said he is a fans of both the Broncos and the Giants, and that was before he was told about the Giants requesting his fight video.

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“That’s awesome,” Wediman said. “I’m pumped about that. Can I get three tickets?”

Many current and ex-MMA fighters had given Weidman (10-0, 6-0 UFC) the best chance to be the one to finally defeat Silva. But such talk has risen in the past with most opponents of Silva. Yet, Silva dispatched all of them as he went 16-0 inside the octagon. It wasn’t until that left hook from Weidman landed on the chin of Silva that someone actually accomplished the feat.

Weidman will defend his title against Silva at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.