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Josh Barnett will fight anywhere, he says

Here's a written soundbite from Josh Barnett, who will be on Friday night's episode of "Inside MMA" on HDNet:

"I don’t care where I fight, I really don’t," Barnett told hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten. "I don’t care who I fight, I don’t care where I fight.

"There’s 49 other states, there’s a gazillion different countries in the world," Barnett said. "You know what, if every country in the world outlawed MMA, I’d still be fighting. I don’t need anybody to tell me to do it or give me permission, I just want to fight."

Barnett was denied a fight license by the California State Athletic Commission in July of 2009 after failing a drug test. It was the second such occurrence for Barnett, who also failed a test in 2002 after beating Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight title. Barnett was supposed to fight Fedor Emelianenko on an Affliction card in 2009, but the test scrapped that fight, the entire night of fights and the entire fight promotion wing of Affliction.

Barnett is now scheduled to fight Brett Rogers in the quarterfinals of the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament some time in April.


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