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MMA staredowns, meet the NYC mayoral race

Manhattan - June 22, 2013: The staredown lasted

Manhattan - June 22, 2013: The staredown lasted longer than the fight as Tyrone Spong (right) made quick work of Michael Duut during the Glory World Series international kickboxing event at the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center. (Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Every now and again, MMA and the rest of the world merge for a moment.

Usually, it comes in the form of sports brawls and we grade their skills using keen MMA analyticals.

This time, thanks to New York City mayoral candidates Anthony Weiner and George McDonald, we compare their standoff at an event to a staredown at weigh-ins.

Here's the clip:

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Weiner clearly won the verbal battle, but in staredowns, it's about who can make the most menacing face and have their eyes bulge and cheeks shake from the intensity yet never break eye contact. Here, McDonald, a longshot Republican candidate, scores points because Weiner, a Democrat, broke eye contact first.

But, McDonald also turned his back, then spun around (a "Buffer 360", if you will), which is somewhat of a confrontational manuever. At this point, the promoter would step in and prevent any additional action.

If you were watching from the arena, you'd think McDonald won the staredown. When you factor in the audio, Weiner wins. Fight night is

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