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More fun with Nick Pace

Nick Pace walks to the octagon for his

Nick Pace walks to the octagon for his bout with Will Campuzano at The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale at the Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas. (Dec. 4, 2010) Credit: Getty

Nick Pace, a 24-year-old UFC fighter from Staten Island by way of Brooklyn, gets excited quickly and easily when talking about mixed martial arts and his fight this Saturday in UFC 139 against Miguel Angel Torres.

But even on the Internet, there's not always enough space to get everything into a story without it being just a rambling of thoughts strung together for the sake of using them. But, that's why we've got blogs, or at least one of the reasons why -- spillover!

The story is linked above, and below are a few more quotes from the bantamweight Pace:

On sleeping at the Tiger Schulmann gym in Elmwood Park, N.J., where he trains . . .

“It’s legit, like a dorm room almost. Instead of going to math class or anything like that, we’re going to kickboxing, we’re going to grapple or wrestle or whatever it is.”

On his lack of sponsorship at the moment [Wednesday, Nov. 16] . . .

“I don’t have a sponsor, I don’t have a banner, I don’t even have any fight shorts to wear on Saturday night. So I got no support. The only people I have support from are my team and my family and that’s the only support I have right now. And only a few fans that I have. I don't really have anyone behind me besides the people that are important to me. And you know what, I don’t really give a -- --. When I go out there and win on Saturday, that’s going to open a lot of people’s eyes.”

On fighting without a sponsor . . .

“I have some of my old fight shorts that I wore the last time, and If I don’t have any sponsors, I’m going to make sure I rip off every sponsor that’s on my shorts and I’m just going to wear regular white shorts out there. I’m going to look like a loser, I’m going to look like a loner, I’m going to look like a real underdog. I love it.”


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