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More quotes from Jon 'Bones' Jones

Jon Jones, right, kicks Mauricio Rua during their

Jon Jones, right, kicks Mauricio Rua during their mixed martial arts match at UFC 128. (March 19, 2011) Photo Credit: AP

Only so many words can fit into a newspaper column, even if it is a Sunday newspaper column. When you get 30-plus minutes to talk with new UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones, you're bound to have what we call spillover material.

So here's the link to my Sunday column on the stardom of Jon Jones, and below are a few more quotes, in their entirety, and in the context of the interview.

Jones on being offered any parts in movies:

“I don’t want to go that route. Cool things that can be done once you're coming to an end of a career.”

Jones on all his free time after fighting twice in six weeks:

"I woke up this morning, I didn’t have any pushups to do, any coaches to stand up. It was just me and my kids just laying around til 3 pm watching movies together, which was awesome.”

Jones on his new status among the UFC's elite:

“I got a tweet earlier today, it was from a kid. It said ‘@jonnybones @andersonsilva @georgesstpierre are my three favorite champions.’ And it almost took me back. While I know that I’m the champ, I don’t look at myself as being the UFC champ. It’s like, dude, I’m at Anderson’s and George’s level and Jose Aldo’s level right now. I like forget almost.”

Jones on how life has changed in the immediacy of being the champ:

“The only difference is now that I’m the champion, it seems everyone is way more polite to me. People seem very enthusiastic to meet me and people refer to me as champ. But outside of that, I don’t feel as if I’m going to change or anything has change. I feel I’ve been a good person for a long time and more people know who I am.”

Jones on fighting teammate Rashad Evans in his first title defense:

"So far Greg has told me he wouldn’t mind coaching me but he definitely couldn’t corner me. He couldn’t look over at Rashad as I’m pounding him and tell me to elbow him in the face because Rashad’s his boy. But I think he will help me out throughout the training camp.”

Jones on how people compare him with Phil Davis:

"Recently everyone is talking about Phil Davis catching up to me and being the one to eventually beat me. And it's funny that people say that because it’s almost like they look at me and press the pause button and let Phil Davis’ skillset catch up to mine, where I'm going to be working my butt off, too. I have a responsibility, especially as the champ to continue being the champ and that alone will keep my head on straight and keep living up to expectations with more victories.”

Jones on possibly fighting Anderson Silva one day:

"I admire Anderson Silva a lot, and I also have faith in myself and my ability to overcome challenges. It would be something that I would have to do some serious soul searching to scrounge up enough confidence to fight my absolute idol. It would be a lot of me mentally, but I always believe in myself. It would bring my confidence level to a whole different level. It would be a real exercise in my strength and faith."


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