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More with 'The Menace,' Dennis Bermudez

Dennis Bermudez, a mixed martial artist from Massapequa,

Dennis Bermudez, a mixed martial artist from Massapequa, during a training session at Long Island MMA in Lindenhurst. He is a contestant on Season 14 of "The Ultimate Fighter." (Sept. 22, 2011) Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Here's the link to my Friday newspaper article on Dennis Bermudez, the Lindenhurst-based mixed martial artist in the Ultimate Finale on Saturday night. (He lives in Massapequa, but fights out of Lindenhurst and the Long Island MMA gym.)

As is always the case with reporting, there's something left over that didn't fit in the story, either for space or theme reasons.

So here's a thank you to Vannevar Bush, Al Gore and all the people who helped invent the unlimited space that is the Internet which allows me to bring you a few bonus quotes from "The Menace."

On being cageside for Diego Brandao's "TUF" fights and what he learned:

“He comes 100 percent and he’s got no pace. I think I could weather his storm and take him to deep water where he’s going to have trouble matching my conditioning.”

On being on "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show:

”To me, it’s not like I’m on a TV show. I’ve shot 'Jackass' videos with my friends, I’ve seen myself wrestling and in fights before. To me it’s a combination of goofing off with buddies and reviewing fights and stuff.”

Watch the Ultimate Finale weigh-ins live Friday night at 7 p.m. at

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