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Of MMA, hockey and 'Avatar'

Mixed martial arts is considered the fastest growing sport in the world right now, so naturally, we begin to see it permeate other parts of pop culture. That's just what happens these days.

Ryan Kennedy over at The Hockey News seems to think MMA has affected fighting in the NHL. I don't watch enough hockey (aside from the Olympics, where they don't fight) to know about takedowns becoming the new fighting technique for hockey thugs, but it's an interesting point and worth paying attention to in the next set of hockey fights I watch. (Thanks to Sergio Non for raising it.)

If you keep your eyes open, you'll see MMA showing up in the entertainment world, as well. Not as blatant as Chuck Liddell on "Dancing With the Stars," though. Look a little closer.

If you've seen "Avatar," and given its $731,621,183 haul at the domestic box office, $2,639,621,183 worldwide (both as of today), you probably have, you may have noticed a little guillotine and rear naked choke attempts along some impressive guard work from Jake Sully. 

It happened in the scene when Jake was in Avatar mode and had to claim his banshee. It was a rough first few minutes for Jake. But he eventually controlled the creature with some nice jiu-jitsu.

That's not just the popcorn talking. Unintentional or not, Jake showed some slick jitz.

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