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Oh, that Chael Sonnen can talk

Chael Sonnen flexes after weighing in at a

Chael Sonnen flexes after weighing in at a UFC weigh-in event in Oakland, Calif. Credit: AP

Chael Sonnen returned to speaking in public on Monday when he joined The MMA Hour on

Among the words he strung together in his first appearance since testifying to the California State Athletic Commission last December about his positive drug test were these:

"Jon Jones is not the hot topic of 205 pounds. The hot topic that everybody should be talking about is that he's been the champion for three weeks and not one coward at 205 has challenged him. Not one guy has called him out and said, 'I want to fight that guy.' If you're all scared of a 23-year-old kid, turn your gloves in, sign your pink slip and show yourself the door."

You can download the entire show here. Sonnen had plenty more to say, and we'll leave you with one more gem:

"The one guy they say gets to fight him comes out and says, 'I don't want to fight him.' If you don't want to fight him, go. This is a business to become champion. All these guys want to tell everyone they're in the UFC, but they don't want to have to carry the heavy water. Challenge Jon Jones if you're at 205. But what do you expect from a weight class that allowed a karate guy [Lyoto Machida] to be champion."

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