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Oh, you crazy Twitterers (Latin twins edition)

Props to of my Twitterers (yes, I know they're called something else, but I refuse to use that word) who enjoyed my video link from Wednesday and sent it around. You all propelled it to being the most viewed Newsday video of the day. Power to the people!

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, here goes: At the UFC 128 press conference at Radio City Music Hall, Dana White entertained some questions from the fans. One of those questions (and two of those fans) were Latin twin women who work at an area radio station. There was some witty banter back and forth, but not nearly as witty as when I danced with them for this ExploreTV video about Latin Night at Jones Beach (back in the days when I was a video host for us).

Here's the show. No judging.


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