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Pudzianowski gives up against Tim Sylvia at Moosin

We joked on Wednesday that there was no way Tim Sylvia could possibly submit Mariusz Pudzianowski at Moosin's "God of Martial Arts" event on Friday in Massachusetts.

Well, here on Saturday morning, that joke no longer has a punchline. Sylvia, a two-time UFC heavyweight champion, forced Pudzianowski, a five-time World's Strongest Man champion, to tap out due to strikes early in the second round.

That this bout even made it that far is upsetting. That this fight, a complete mismatch like Peyton Manning against a Pop Warner defense, even counts as a fight is just asupsetting.

Sylvia earned the submission victory, but that's only because they don't yet have an official win-tallying category for "Opponent plops down on the ground like he was lying down on the couch with a piece of Entenmann's cake to watch TV and take a few shots to the face and quit."

Pudzianowski did just that, although we didn't see any Entenmann's cake on the pay-per-view clip below.

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