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Senate speak: Quotes on the MMA bill

Sen. Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, left, poses with MMA

Sen. Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, left, poses with MMA fighters Ronda Rousey, center, and Nick Catone at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y., on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. Credit: AP

The debate in the New York State Senate on Tuesday about the bill to legalize mixed martial arts mainly was for show. With that legislative body having passed it each of the past four years, it essentially was just an exercise in public speaking and a way for some politicians to have their views officially on the record. (It passed again this year, 44-16.)

But, amid all the platitudes and procedural language and the "it's high time" cliches, there were a few interesting things offered up by some of New York's elected officials. Here are some of them:


"I don't like violent sports at all, but I don't believe I should impose my opinion on others."

"I don't think we're about to ban hockey or football or any of the other sports that attract widespread attention. Secondly, I think there are sufficient controls that make it become no more violent than other sports."


"Forget about all those groups that always try to manipulate you, or those PR companies . . . I don't like this kind of sport. It's dangerous, it’s vicious . . . I am voting no. Proudly, loudly, definitely no."


"You can make a study say anything you want it to say."

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