Here were the words from Saturday night, spoken by UFC president Dana White in the UFC 113 post-fight press conference in regards to Kimbo Slice: "That's probably Kimbo's last fight in the UFC. Kimbo made it farther than I thought he would.

"He couldn't be a nicer guy. He took this serious, trained, went after it. His first fight [against Houston Alexander] wasn't the YouTube fghts you saw, but he won and deserved another fight in the UFC."

But after Slice lost by TKO in the second round to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 in Montreal, his UFC career appears over.

Credit him for making it this far. White said tons of yang about Slice during his Elite XC days, yet Slice accepted White's challenge and went on Season 10 of "The Ultimate Fighter," and impressed people. He wasn't just a street thug.

But fighting in a parking lot or a backyard isn't quite the same as fighting in the Octagon. Slice looked less than impressive in his loss to Mitrione, absorbing leg kicks and offering little defense against them. He showed takedown skills, something he learned training at American Top Team in Florida, but didn't do much from the top position then.

Still, did Kimbo Slice deserve to get cut from the UFC after this loss? Might that have been too quick a reaction from White?

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You might be hinging on that "probably" word from the opening quote. Well, when pressed by a reporter after the news conference, White confirmed that Slice (4-2) would be released from his contract.

Pretty harsh.

Kimbo Slice, as noted by UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan during the telecast, is the only fighter who fights under his alias. Slice, real name: Kevin Ferguson, is a draw. A big draw. When was the last time you saw two fighters with a total of two fights in the UFC show up on a pay-per-view card, let alone in the media and PR events?

Maybe it's not all about the draw of selling tickets and pay-per-views and merchandise. Maybe it's also about maintaining a certain base level of skills and expectations for the UFC fighters and its brand. Maybe Kimbo Slice deserved one more fight to see if he could put those two together.


You can very admirably argue the point that White did more than enough to give Kimbo his slice of the UFC pie. With all the trash he spewed about a man he had never met, White gave Slice an opportunity.


"TUF 10" drew huge ratings on Spike last season, thanks to Kimbo Slice being a cast member. Those numbers were trumpeted about the Internet and board meetings by both Spike and UFC. Slice drew big ratings when he fought for Elite XC, when he was just a guy who punched people's lights out in the street and did so in front of a camcorder.

Slice still has ratings power in him, even if the power in his hands may not match that of his competitors. Will anyone be surprised when, assuming Slice is really fired from the UFC, he shows up in the cage for Strikeforce?

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