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Strikeforce quotes we can't use anytime soon

Gilbert Melendez during a photo shoot to promote

Gilbert Melendez during a photo shoot to promote his Strikeforce lightweight title defense against Josh Thomson on May 19, 2012, in San Jose, Calif. Credit: Strikeforce/Esther Lin

There a Strikeforce conference call last week with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker and fighters Gilbert Melendez, Pat Healy, Gian Villate and Guto Inocente to help promote their scheduled Sept. 29 fights in Sacramento, Calif.

Of course, that card was canceled at the beginning of this week, but since the call happened, the quotes were documented and the stories won't be written anytime soon, here's a look at some of the worthwhile things said on the call.

Coker: "It's going to be another amazing Strikeforce card top to bottom."

Healy: "There's tons of good lightweights in Strikeforce that can keep the champion busy."

Healy on working with a sports psychologist: "Our sport boils down to one night. We put in lots of work for one night, so you've got to have everything quick and I think that training the mental side definitely helps it."

Melendez on the fight's odds: "I appreciate the confidence in the bookies. Sometimes they're better than the people who make the rankings and the journalists out there. They usually pick it right, so, I'll take it as a compliment, but I'm not underestimating Pat at all. I think he’s a tough fighter, but I think I am favorite to win."

Melendez on a possible fourth fight with Josh Thomson: "If he earns it, I'm definitely down with it. You know what I mean? I'd be up for it. It's something I was not looking forward to right away or whatever, but when people say stuff, like - I'm definitely not scared of it, that's basically what I'm trying to say. I'm definitely not scared of that fight."

Melendez on motivation: "I just want some security in life and fighting helps me do that. So that’s what keeps me motivated. Can’t be losing and expect to get a pay raise if you know what I mean."

Melendez on training with Jake Shields: "When he’s on top of me he gets a little heavy and almost like a straight jacket, but I figured my way out of that straight jacket and I’ll do it again to anybody."




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