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The Matt Serra show

NEWARK - Matt Serra is the mayor of the UFC this weekend. He's arguably the most personable and outgoing fighter in the promotion. And he's the most successful area fighter, a Long Island guy to help promote the sport for UFC 111 in Newark.

As the host of the Fight Club Q&A, Serra delighted the 1,000 or so fans inside the Prudential Center on Friday afternoon.

With Serra, the questions are almost irrelevant. His answers are far more entertaining. Here are some of the highlights:

On reacting to Long Islanders screaming in the audience: " Go ahead and sign up and I'll throw you a free T-shirt."

On his likeness in UFC Undisputed 2009: "You got Chuck Liddell with the abs of GSP, BJ Penn looking ripped, and you got me looking like a Mario Brother."

On some snickering in the front row: "If that's a good one-liner, come up here and tell me. I wanna use it as my own. I'll use your stuff."

On a comment that he should have won the Matt Hughes fight: "I wish you were a judge, I swear. I thought I won, too. We got a lot in common."

On looking like Robert De Niro: "I thought you were gonna say Joe Pesci. I was gonna jump off this stage. Unbelievable."

On how he's able to pull off moving his wife and daughter out of the house when he's training: "I'm the king of my castle."

On being a security guard on "The Jerry Springer Show," like his protege Pete Sell: "They asked me to do that. Yeah, no thanks. Imagine me in between two big pieces of trash? I'll let them kill each other."

While someone was asking him a question: "What's with the guy with the GSP headband next to you. Let me guess, you got the GSP underoos on, too."

On how to their his spirit to your kids: "You sit them down in their playpen and you start them on 'Rocky I.' Then you show them 'Rocky II.'"

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