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The power of John Dodson

John Dodson won by unanimous decision against Tim

John Dodson won by unanimous decision against Tim Elliott at UFC on Fox at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. (May 5, 2012) Credit: AP

What business does a guy who weighs two pounds per inch of his height have knocking guys out?

“It comes from my butt," said the 5-foot-3, 125-pound John Dodson. "It’s all in my hips. The sad part is I’m not even trying to be funny with that one.”

There are plenty of times when the UFC flyweight is cracking jokes and giving reporters amusing quotes to stick in stories and break up the monotony of "I'm gonna finish him" remarks.

But Dodson, who challenges Demetrious Johnson for his flyweight title Saturday in Chicago at UFC on Fox 6, packs big power in those small hands.

“I didn’t develop any real power until probably just a few years ago," Dodson said. "I didn’t know I had any strength behind these little hands of mine. I was always thinking about being the fastest fighter out there. Just touching people -- bap, bap, bap, bap, bap -- and winning matches like that, either that or scoring takedowns."

In 20 pro fights, Dodson (15-5, 3-0 UFC) has five wins by knockout/TKO, including a first-round stoppage of T.J. Dillashaw to win Season 14 of "The Ultimate Fighter."

"I still don’t believe I’m knocking people out, but it makes me feel good when people are saying I have knockout power," Dodson said.

It's not as if Dodson, 28, went through a growth spurt recently to help gain power. So where did it come from?

“I actually just started in believing in it,” Dodson said. “I want to be able to know that I can do it. If everyone is saying it, that’s cool. That’s like telling me I’m 7-foot tall and I’m only like 4-11. Well, I’m 5-3 but I'm just trying to put that in perspective.”

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