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Thinking about UFC 168 . . .

Miesha Tate gestures to Ronda Rousey during the

Miesha Tate gestures to Ronda Rousey during the UFC 168 mixed martial arts women's bantamweight title fight. (Dec. 28, 2013) Credit: AP

LAS VEGAS -- As I watch the sun rise up from the mountains in the desert from my hotel room, I'm reminded that it is a new day, which means more time to process all the things seen at UFC 168 several hours ago.

Here are of the thoughts I'm generating at the moment after watching a series of fights that stirred up more than $6.2 million in gate revenue for the UFC:

-- Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey was among the most impressive live sporting events I've been a part of thanks to those 15,000-plus fans there. Such an active and vocal group that night cheering for Tate, booing Rousey, cheering for Rousey, booing for Rousey. Such a crazy pendulum swing there.

-- In terms of actual fighting, Tate vs. Rousey was just as good as the environment created by that crowd.

-- It wasn't until I made it back to my hotel and was ready to pass out that I realized the true magnitude of the possibility that I sat cage-side for what could have been Anderson Silva's last time inside the octagon.

-- Chris Weidman is a very, very good fighter. Don't tell the injury to Silva overshadow that fact, please.

-- With his victory, Uriah Hall became a fighter again. With his post-fight interview, Uriah Hall remains one of the most enigmatic and unique and intriguing people in mixed martial arts.

-- Michael Johnson is turning into a very impressive striker these days.

-- What exactly is Gleison Tibau these days? He's always ripped, always has good BJJ . . . and always manages to lose just when he's about to go on a run. His career is essentially the Roger Rabbit dance move.

-- Travis Browne, with three straight first-round KOs, is making the heavyweight division more intriguing and deeper than it's been recently. That's a good thing.

-- Dustin Poirier confirmed a story I had heard the night before. He started a little static with the overweight Diego Brandao at Friday's weigh-ins. Most people figured that was just Poirier being angry that Brandao was seven pounds overweight. Nope. Poirier said that backstage before weigh-ins Brandao threatened to stab him in the neck. That's a new one. It may have just been the adrenaline going at the time, but who knows what goes through these guys' minds after cutting weight. "I wasn’t mad about him missing weight," Poirier said. "Him stabbing me in the neck, that’s not cool."

-- I only caught a couple minutes of Vitor Belfort's media scrum before the post-fight presser but managed to hear him talk about dinosaurs, lions and animals in the jungle. Presumably, there was more to it than that.

-- When Dana White called on Belfort for the final question at the presser, I hoped he'd pulled a Clubber Lang in "Rocky III" and start some static with Weidman. No such luck. Instead, he was as gentlemanly as his sharp suit suggested he would be (as opposed to judging a book by its mohawk.)

Ah. the sun is now above the mountain. Time for some sleep.

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