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Thoughts on 'The Ultimate Fighter' 13 premiere

Some thoughts that ran through my mind while watching the Season 13 premiere of "The Ultimate Fighter" with coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos:

- Feel bad for Myles Jury, who blew out his ACL during the evaluation workouts. The guy worked to get this far, then before he even gets a chance to do anything of note, he gets sent home with nothing more than "you'll be back" from Dana White.

- Glad to see no one had to fight to get into the house. A nice wrinkle to at least say this season was different from a production standpoint.

- Through 43 minutes of television so far, Spike was able to humanize Brock Lesnar, and his little interviews with the fighters was a nice coaching move.

- Watching Junior Dos Santos struggle with the English language for the next few months could become annoying from a viewing perspective. Or, it could help endear him to us in a new way.

- Shamar Bailey would easily win "Ultimate Layer-On'er."

- Which reality competition show has produced more injuries in its history: "The Ultimate Fighter" or "Dancing With the Stars"? The numbers have to be close.

- Let's hope this season doesn't become all about the coaches.

- How many more seasons of "TUF" can Spike and UFC really do before the majority of people realize the show is too formulaic and begin watching something else?

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