. . . but everyone else does.

Here's Sylvia's quote leading into his May 21 Moosin "God of Martial Arts" MMA bout against strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski in Massachusetts.

“They’re underestimating me and obviously feel that I’m done,” Sylvia said. “I have another thing coming. He’s big, strong and a good athlete, but I’m going to knock him out. My last opponent (Jason Riley) thought the same thing and I knocked him out in the first round. I would have gotten him out even earlier but I broke my right hand.”

What does Sylvia prove if he wins? That he can beat a guy who's used to throwing kegs over walls, pulling buses with his teeth and bench-pressing extended families?

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Not really sure how that will help Sylvia regain any standing in the MMA world. Of course, if it's just for a paycheck, no one can fault Sylvia for that. We all need to make money to support ourselves and loved ones.

Also on the pay-per-view card, the first MMA event in Massachusetts:

Mu Bae Choi vs. Travis Wiuff
Rafael Natal vs. Travis Lutter (yes, that Travis Lutter)
Yves Edwards vs. Mike Campbell
Tara LaRosa vs. Rox Modafferi