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UFC 109: Demian Maia wins a snoozer

Uneventful fights happen. Nothing we can do about that aside from call them when we see them and still find some words worth writing (and hopefully worth reading) about them. So here goes.

Demian Maia fought Dan Miller at UFC 109 and it was quite uneventful. Of the handful of significant moments, Maia had the upper hand. Literally. A submission specialist with sick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Maia displayed a good left hand and renewed confidence in his standup game.

And that's how middleweight Maia (12-1) won the unanimous decision against the grappler Miller (11-3) at UFC 109 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Late in the first round, Miller caught a knee to the package, and still caught a few punches to the face by Maia before referee Steve Mazzagatti paused the fight for a moment. Maia may have stolen the round with those strikes, partially because they connected squarely and partially because not much else happened.

In the second round, Maia landed some punches, then my computer fell asleep from boredom. It woke up in time to see another Maia takedown and some minor ground work up against the cage in the third round.

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