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UFC 109: Guillard wins, Greg Jackson still God

I don't know if UFC newcomer Ronys Torres' reputation as a submission specialist was a bit Hideki Irabu-inflated, or if Greg Jackson is just the greatest trainer in the history of ever. Either way, at UFC 109 in Las Vegas, Melvin Guillard looked extremely good in his takedown defense and submission escapes.

Guillard (42-9-3, 6-4 UFC) was just as impressive with his striking en route to the unanimous decision victory in the lightweight bout at Mandalay Bay. All three judges scored it, 29-28.

"All the other fights, I don't care about them, I don't need them," Guillard said after thanking his new trainer. "I'm 1-0."

Tonys (18-2) won the first round with hs takedowns and general Octagon control. He could have shown more, I thought. But, Guillard showed that, with his explosiveness, he could make some moves down the line in 2010-11 in the lightweight division, especially if BJ Penn continues to clean out the 155-pounders.

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