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UFC 112 card is staaaaaaaacked!

If your economic situation requires you to pick and choose which pay-per-view UFC events to purchase, or at least put a few bones away here and there to pay the cable bill when it comes in, budget in $44.95 now for UFC 112 in April.

This card is going to be sick.

Rumors and stronger-than-that reports have been floating around the Internet the past two weeks or so about the three big fights in Abu Dhabi.

While nothing is technically ever official until it's announced by the UFC, Dana White confirmed to Fightin' Words on Wednesday the ridiculous nature of what I am about to write in this next sentence.

UFC 112 on April 10 in Abu Dhabi will include Renzo Gracie vs. Matt HughesFrankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn for the lightweight title and Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort for the middleweight belt.


Of course, all the contracts and paperwork need to be finalized still and no one must get hurt in training. Still, that's quite a bad-ass way to start the spring, huh?

By the way, UFC 113 in Montreal on May 8 will, unofficially, feature the Lyoto Machida-Shogun Rua rematch from UFC 104.


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