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UFC 115: Claude Patrick wins his UFC debut

Claude Patrick, an eight-year veteran of the fight game, made his promotional devut at UFC 115 in Vancouver.

The Toronto native used a guillotine choke to beat Ricardo Funch at the 1:48 mark of the second round.

Patrick (12-1) got into the clinch early in the second round and worked for the guillotine. He got one early but didn't have enough body position to force a move. Shortly thereafter, Patrick got Funch to the ground via the guillotine choke and earned the submission.

"When you got confidence in your moves, you just go for it," Patrick said. "THere's a big bonsu for submissions, so I'm out here trying to eat. I'm hungry."

Funch (7-2), after being cut under the left eye from Patrick's ground and pound, managed to withstand a guillotine choke in the final seconds of the first round.

Live UFC 115 video: Post-fight press conference.

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