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UFC 115: Cro Cop turns 'HD' Barry back into analog

Mirko Cro Cop had a great quote in the lead-up to his heavyweight fight against Pat Barry at UFC 115 in Vancouver.

About his prowess as a kickboxer, "right leg, hospital, left leg, cemetery."

Terrific quote, but he had to overcome a weak chin early, and then he won late in the third round with a submission. So much for those kicks, huh?

First round

Barry got a knockdown in the opening 40 seconds with a straight right hand. Cro Cop got back to his feet rather quickly as Barry did not try to pursue his grounded opponent. The exact scenario played out again about 90 seconds later.

Those two shots made Cro Cop's left check swell up like a gummy bear soaked in alcohol for three days. Score the round for Barry.

Second round

Cro Cop gained the advantage midway through the round when Barry missed with a leg kick and lost his balance. Barry fell to the ground, and Cro Cop moved in to capitalize. He flashed a ground game and had two guillotine choke attempts. Score the round for Cro Cop.

Third round

Cro Cop went for a high kick but Barry went low at his base leg and tripped the Croatian. Again, no approach from Barry. That's what happens when your ground game is lacking.

In the final minute, Cro Cop got Barry (5-2) down and pinned up against the cage. He then unleashed a fury of punches that Barry just sat there and ate. It was like looking up into the rain without an umbrella, only those raindrops were fast-flying fists.

That flurry softened up Barry, and Cro Cop (27-7-2) moved to back control, sunk in a rear naked choke and got the submission victory in the final 30 seconds.

Live UFC 115 video: Post-fight press conference at 1:20 a.m.

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