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UFC 117: Clay Guida, the jaw breaker

On its face, the Clay Guida-Rafael Dos Anjos fight at UFC 117 seemed like a "thank you" to pay-per-view fans. Guida is just plain crazy in the cage, with an exciting energy that's worthy of being the third of five PPV bouts on the card for our $44.95. But

Underneath that, could this have been a way to build up the profiles of each fighter as insurance should Frankie Edgar succesfully defend his UFC lightweight title against BJ Penn at UFC 118 in Boston later this month? The lightweight division is going to need new faces and names should Edgar beat Penn again.

Guida, now training with Greg Jackson, and Dos Anjos put up an even fight for two rounds. Guida (27-8) had his shoulder pressed into Dos Anjos' neck in the third round, and Dos Anjos' tapped. Too much pain in his jaw, Dos Anjos (14-5) had to shut it down 1:51 into the final round.

Guess this tweet from @UFC in between the first and second rounds was true: "According to @ufc_brasil, Dos Anjos told his corner bt rounds that he has a broken jaw."

Let's see what this means in the lightweight division in the next 12 months.

Watch the UFC 117 live video press conference at 1:20 a.m. EDT.

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