Time to break down UFC 117 (Saturday, Aug. 7 in Oakland) with our new pre-5. It's our take on the five most interesting bouts. (Click the fighter's name for video)

5) Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes

I'll let other people talk about the Gracie family revenge angle since it doesn't really matter. Almeida, one of the nicest guys you'll meet in MMA or elsewhere, would gain a huge push in his new 170-pound division with a win over the legend. For Hughes, though, I have trouble understanding where he's headed now. Is he fighting just to fight, or is he trying to accomplish something bigger such as making a title run? This fight should hopefully answer that question.

4) Dustin Hazelett vs. Rick Story

A jiu jitsu-wrestler matchup with the potential to create lots of exciting stand-up action. We're hoping this is the prelim they show on the PPV should time allow.

3) Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves

Poor Fitch. He's earned another welterweight title shot, but UFC president Dana White seems reluctant to put our No. 5 fighter in the cage with Georges St-Pierre because it could be the most boring fight ever. Fitch needs to finish Alves, which he did once before, and then he'll have a legitimate gripe if he's not next in line for the GSP-Josh Koscheck winner.

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2) Roy Nelson vs. Junior Dos Santos

Look how far we've come with Roy Nelson. Not him, us. Nelson was the last IFL heavyweight champion when he started Season 9 of "The Ultimate Fighter." We didn't give him a chance. Not with that awful mullet and ego big enough to match his Buddha belly. And here he is, "TUF 9" and possibly one fight away from a shot at the UFC heavyweight title. Of course, Dos Santos is no slouch. He's got C-4 in those hands. "Cigano" is the next top prospect at heavyweight, and a win here gives hope that all those smaller heavyweights (a funny concept, huh?) still have a fighting chance in the division.

1) Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

No doubt about this one. Everyone wants to see this one go down. And most seem to want Silva to go down, too. They seem tired of his act. But Silva is the best there is, no matter how mad you get at him. Sonnen talks a crazy game, but if he backs it up, this could be an all-timer of a fight.