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UFC 118: Randy Couture submits James Toney

In this photo taken Friday, July 9, 2010,

In this photo taken Friday, July 9, 2010, former boxer James Toney is interviewed at a Mixed Martial Arts training facility in Los Angeles. After winning 72 fights and multiple title belts during more than two largely successful decades in the square ring, Toney has put himself in a cage, training for his MMA debut against Randy Couture at UFC 118 on Saturday night in Boston.(AP Photo/Reed Saxon) Credit: AP Photo/Reed Saxon

Randy Couture waited all of 16 seconds to shoot in on former boxing champion James Toney at UFC 118 in Boston on Saturday night. And so went the boxing vs. mixed martial arts debate.

He shot it, got to full mount, as everyone expected he would, and softened Toney up.

Toney, to his credit, tried to throw some elbows from his back, but c'mon. This was Randy Couture. A five-time UFC champion. "Captain America." "The Natural."

Couture smothered Toney and moved him near the cage and locked in a submission choke hold. Toney, tougher than expected in the amount of time he took to give up, tapped out to Couture's arm triangle midway through the first round.

Actually, Toney tapped up into the air with his free arm. Guess he didn't train how to tap.

With just nine months of MMA training, Toney barely seemed prepared for any ground defense and never had the opportunity to throw a punch from the stand-up position.

"This was exactly what we trained to do," Couture said. "I've been working on that arm triangle for a year now."

Couture was then handed his black belt by one of his cornermen.

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