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UFC 124: Georges St-Pierre jabs away at Josh Koscheck

Georges St-Pierre, left, punches Josh Koscheck during the

Georges St-Pierre, left, punches Josh Koscheck during the third round of their welterweight title fight at UFC 124 in Montreal. GSP won by unanimous decision. (Dec. 11, 2010) Credit: Getty

Josh Koscheck embraced Georges St-Pierre for an extended period of time after the UFC 124 main event was over. He spoke some words into GSP's ears.

Hardly the display of two fighters who are supposed to hate each other. But that's what you call a humbling as St-Pierre utterly dominated Koscheck and won a unanimous decision in Montreal on Saturday night. All three judges scored it 50-45.

GSP picked apart Koscheck (17-5) with a stiff left jab for five rounds. It caused a huge swelling above and below Koscheck's right eye.

"At the end I saw his eye was closed, so I tried to throw hooks to take him out," GSP (21-2) said.

Below is the round-by-round action.

Round 1

GSP needed just 18 seconds to get a takedown, but Koscheck wall-walked his way back to his feet shortly thereafter.

Koscheck has a cut near his right eye, the product of GSP left jabs.

Koscheck has stuffed the next two takedown attempts while looking to land a few right hands.

GSP is peppering Koscheck with that left jab. Looks like training with Freddie Roach paid off for GSP.

With 1:09 left, Koscheck moves in looking for a takedown. GSP has it stuffed, his back up against the cage. Koscheck still working the takedown and got it with 19 seconds left.

Fightin' Words scores it 10-9 for GSP.

Round 2

Koscheck has a huge mouse over his right eye and increased swelling under the eye as well to open the round.

GSP seems to sense that Koscheck is more hesitant than in Round 1. Must have something to do with the fact that Koscheck's right eye is swollen shut. It looks like Hasim Rahman's forehead in the Lennox Lewis fight, only it's his eye. Not good for Koscheck if the doctors get a look at it.

GSP isn't landing as many shots in the opening half of this round, but he's controlling the pace. Two Superman punches will help do that.

Left jab-straight right combo stuns Koscheck, who isn't attempting much offense right now beyond a few random, swinging rights. Until now, as Koscheck landed a nice uppercut with just over a minute left in the round.

Fightin' Words scores the round 10-9 for GSP.

Round 3

GSP continues to use that left jab to dictate the pace of the fight. Koscheck struggles to get past it, but seems to be pressuring a bit more than in the second round.

GSP shoots in for the takedown with 4:10 left, but Koscheck stuffs it and both fighters are up against the cage.

With 3:00 left, both fighters still working for position against the cage, GSP tried to drop down and take Koscheck down, but he stopped it.

The fighters are back at the center of the cage with 2:30 left, and here come the left jabs inside leg kicks from GSP.

Under a minute left, and Koscheck throws a few right hands hoping they'd land. Not close. He then tried to shoot in and GSP stepped aside and Koscheck ran forward into thin air.

Fightin' Words scores the round 10-9 for GSP.

Round 4

A medical official is looking at Koscheck's right eye in between rounds. Koscheck tells the official he can see out of it. Maybe, maybe not, but his courage is admirable.

GSP opens the round with a takedown 25 seconds in, and is looking to finish. Koscheck had a leg, but GSP is too fresh and escapes from any damage.

Koscheck is pinned against the cage as GSP lands a few knees to the damaged eye.

Referee Herb Bean pulls the still fighters off the cage at 3:30 and brings them to the middle of the cage to fight actively.

Koscheck is getting more active with that right hand, looking for the one shot that could end the fight. It's his only change to win now.

Big left hook with 1:40 left by GSP. It hit that piece of prime rib that is Koscheck's right eye.

Left jab from GSP. Left jab from GSP. Left hook. Anything GSP wants to do to hiim, he is doing to him. Textbook striking. Freddie Roach is a happy man right now, depending of course on how Amir Khan's boxing match went tonight.

Fightin' Words scores the round 10-9 for GSP.

Round 5

GSP runs to the center of the cage, looking ferocious and ready to finish. Left hook, left hook, left hook. No way Koscheck can see them coming.

Koscheck now keeping his right hand high up against his head to protect as much as possible.

Oh look, another left hook from GSP. Koscheck has no choice to land one big knockout punch now. With three minutes left, GSP should be too smart to let that happen, though..

Koscheck missed with that KO punch and got hit with a big right with less than three minutes left.

With 2:10 left, GSP has Koscheck pinned up against the cage after an attempted takedown. The mouse below Koscheck's right eye has now opened up and is bleeding all down his face.

Takedown for GSP with 1:22 left. And again at 1:15. This is GSP proving a point now.  

Koscheck standing and gets free from the cage with 30 seconds left. Crowd roaring. GSP has put on a clinic.

Fightin' Words scores the round 10-9 for GSP.


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