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UFC 129: Jose Aldo is human after all

Mark Hominick used jab after jab to pick away at the defense of Jose Aldo during their featherweight title fight in Toronto at UFC 129 on Saturday night.

But this is Jose Aldo, he of the vicious leg kicks, he of the black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he of the powerful strikes.

Aldo ate a lot of punishment, especially in the fifth round, but inflicted more in the first four rounds to defend his title for the first time since the UFC absorbed the WEC late last year. Aldo won by unanimous decision, with the judges scoring it 50-43, 48-46, 49-46.

"I knew that he had good stand-up skills, but I came with my Muay Thai, very prepared" Aldo said.

Aldo (19-1) opened the first round with his typical leg kicks. They buckled Hominick, a Canadian, each time. He found his range in the second round, stayed in close and negated Aldo's kicks for much of the rest of the fight. Hominick had problems stopping Aldo's takedowns, though.

Hominick (20-9) developed a tennis-ball sized swelling on the right side of his forehead midway through the fourth round after Aldo landed a strong elbow from short range while both fighters were on the ground. Remember when Hasim Rahman grew a second head out of his forehead against Lennox Lewis?  Think that. Or think about Kuato from "Total Recall." That's pretty much what Hominick's head looked like.

To open the fifth round, Aldo connected with a big right uppercut that cut Hominick open. Hominick then got the exhausted Aldo down and spent the remaining three minutes in top position and rained down with punches. Aldo did enough to defend and last the rest of the round.

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