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UFC Primetime Velasquez-Dos Santos episode 2 recap

Junior dos Santos, top right, takes down Cain

Junior dos Santos, top right, takes down Cain Velasquez as an official moves in to stop the fight at UFC on Fox 1. Dos Santos defended his heavyweight title with a first-round knockout in Anaheim, Calif. (Nov. 12, 2011) Photo Credit: AP

These days, such commentary usually winds up on Twitter, lost to many of you in your timelines or -- gasp! -- not even seen by those not on Twitter.

So, here were my thoughts as I watched the second episode of "UFC Primetime" leading up to Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos at UFC 166 on Oct. 19, 2013, in Houston.

-- Um, wherever those opening beach scenes are from, yeah, let’s go there.

-- Cain Velasquez received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in this episode. I’m always interested in hearing stories about how athletes received their black belt. This one seemed a little low key.

-- As for Daniel Cormier’s brown belt gauntlet, that kinda makes you want to remain at purple.

-- Nowadays, I’m a sucker for daddy-daughter segments in MMA documentary production. Thanks, Cain and Coral Velasquez and gymnastics class and pumpkin painting.

-- As always, I’m still confused about the need for the drive-and-talk portions of MMA documentary production. It adds very little to the end product. Plus, if texting while driving is illegal, how is talking into a camera and recording the lack of paying attention to the road while doing so socially acceptable? Someone check Cafe Press for “Don’t Document and Drive” shirts. If there are none, let me know and we’ll split the profits.

-- Junior Dos Santos winning the “fighter/children” category so far, but Velasquez has the familial advantage.

-- I thoroughly enjoy that both Velasquez and Dos Santos are both likable fighters, at least based on their public image. Not every fight needs a villain or Dumpsters full of trash talk to get people interested.

-- Says Joe Grasso, Velasquez’s strength coach: “He’s the toughest man I’ve ever seen.” Just once, it would be hilarious to hear a trainer/coach from a fighter’s camp take a pot shot at his guy in these things.



-- Athletes and cold tubs . . .  that’s toughness, regardless of sport.

-- Soccer on the beach, JDS? Any time I see an athlete playing sports on a beach, I think of three things: 1) Rocky and Apollo hugging in the ocean; 2) Johnny Utah in “Point Break” and 3) former NFL running back Robert Edwards. Google “Robert Edwards beach football” and you’ll see why. (Then you can Google the other two.)

-- Good job in the editing booth to show Velasquez answering different questions across the multiple media outlets, even though they all likely asked many of the same questions. That’s what we do.

-- When JDS head coach Luiz Doria says “Lightning won’t strike twice,” which of the previous two JDS-Velasquez fights is he referring to?

-- Ice Cube on the soundtrack to close out the episode? #Fantastic.


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