LAS VEGAS - As a matter of fact, Alexis Davis holds the No. 2 ranking in the UFC women's bantamweight division.

As a topic of conversation, Davis comes up, at best, fourth among those champion Ronda Rousey could fight, right behind three women who have zero fights in the UFC so far and even less contractually owed to them by the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

Cris "Cyborg" Santos, Gina Carano and Holly Holm all garner more questions and headlines when it comes to Rousey. Eventually, Davis makes her way into the discussion.

However, Davis is the only one fighting Rousey on Saturday at UFC 175 at Mandalay Bay.

"It's fine," Davis said. "I'm going to train the same. I'm going to train regardless if they're talking about me or not. I'm putting everything I am, I have, into this camp. So maybe I haven't got as much attention as some maybe, or previous opponents or opponents that maybe some other fans would like to see."

Anonymity suits Davis just fine for now. That will go away should she accomplish her goal Saturday. Davis is a 10-1 underdog in some sports books here and as high as 20-1 online.

Rousey's star outshines most. The California girl has the talent -- undefeated in nine bouts with eight first-round stoppages. She has the pedigree -- an Olympic bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Games. She has the verve -- a cover girl smile and personality that fluctuates from bright and bubbly to rough and rugged.

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Rousey also has a role in three upcoming movies, including this summer's "Expendables 3" and, down the road, "Fast and Furious 7" and "Entourage."

"It's not like no one ever asks about Alexis," Rousey said. "It's just that it's not all that they have to ask about and I don't think that's a bad thing at all."

When those questions about Davis do spring up, Rousey says nothing but positive things about the jiu-jitsu specialist from Canada.

"Alexis is definitely the most well-rounded fighter I've ever come up against," Rousey said. "I think the greatest challenge is whatever tools that she does have, I know that she will use them in the most intelligent way possible. And being so well-rounded she has a lot of tools to pick from."

This is the first time in the spotlight for Davis (16-5, 3-0 UFC). Rousey (9-0, 3-0) has more title fights than she does non-title fights. Rousey's task this week aside from making weight and successfully defending her title is to sell the pay-per-view bout to fans. It's on Rousey to shoulder the bulk of the promotion for this bout.


Davis can easily taken a backseat to Rousey this week. Most fans won't mind.

"I try to avoid the stress of it all and enjoy myself," Davis said. "Take it all in. Look where we are."

That would be inside the Fashion Mall on the Las Vegas Strip for open workouts. This has easily been the biggest week of Davis' fighting career and it's only half over.

"I am kind of quiet," Davis said. "I don't really speak up when it's the time to speak up. And obviously I think if I would have been more vocal especially early on in my career maybe I would have got my chance a little bit sooner."

That chance is here, even if no one knew about it until now.