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NYSAC fines Corey Anderson and Kelvin Gastelum for UFC 244 infractions

Corey Anderson, right, yells at Johnny Walker after

Corey Anderson, right, yells at Johnny Walker after beating him by TKO in the first round of the light heavyweight bout at UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2, 2019. Credit: Anna Sergeeva

The tax man isn't the only one who came a-calling for some of Corey Anderson and Kelvin Gastelum's money after UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2.

Anderson was hit with a $10,000 fine -- the maximum amount -- for unsportsmanlinke and disorderly conduct, the New York State Athletic Commission said Friday. Gastelum was fined $1,000 for violating NYSAC's weigh-in policy.

After defeating Johnny Walker via first-round technical knockout, a fight that earned Anderson a $50,000 performance of the night bonus, the light heavyweight's emotions took over as he yelled at Walker. When referee Kevin MacDonald tried to hold Anderson back, Anderson (13-4) put his hands on the referee and moved him aside. MacDonald did not fall to the ground. 

In addition to Gastelum's $1,000 fine, his longtime trainer Rafael Cordeiro was fined $200 for his role in last Friday morning's official weigh-in.

Gastelum stood on the scale as two members of the commission held the towel in front of him while they both looked at the scale. Twice Gastelum was asked to put his arms down and his hands by his side, standard protocol for a fighter on the scale. Gastelum kept his arms in a bent position with his hands open and his elbows out.

Gastelum’s coach Rafael Cordeiro, who was standing behind Gastelum and the scale, leaned forward to check the scale as well. NYSAC ruled in its video review that Gastelum made contact with Cordeiro. Gastelum weighed in at 184 pounds for the middleweight bout. The weight was certified by NYSAC and he was not disqualified from his bout against Darren Till because, in part, it would be nearly impossible to determine how much that contact “materially impacted” Gastelum’s weight, NYSAC said last Friday.

"When on the scale, the combatant shall stand still with his or her feet flat upon the scale and shall not make physical contact with any person or object other than the scale," NYSAC's policy states. "No other person shall touch the scale when a combatant is in the act of weighing in. While on the scale, the combatant shall follow any direction issued by the Commission."

Anderson, Gastelum and Cordeiro are suspended by NYSAC until the fines are paid.

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