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UFC counters Culinary Union with new website

UFC owners, from left, Frank Fertitta III, Dana

UFC owners, from left, Frank Fertitta III, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta attend UFC 71. (May 26, 2007) Credit: AP

It has become somewhat of a niche market inside a cottage industry for network domain and hosting companies as the Culinary Union 226 of Las Vegas has created several websites to push its agenda against the UFC.

On Monday, the UFC returned the favor with, a site that aims to expose the Union's "smear campaign," a press release said.

You can see the Zuffa-maintained site with the link above, and then these Culinary Union sites at and for their side of the story.

In a nutshell, it goes like this: The Culinary Union has a problem with Station Casinos in Nevada, so it protests and lobbies and such against the UFC in New York. Huh? Well, the Fertitta brothers own both the Station Casinos and the UFC.

If you want the whole bag of nuts, you can read about UFC's fight to legalize MMA in New York here.

If you want to chew on something more, ask yourself this one: "If the Culinary Union is so against the sport of MMA, then how come it doesn't protest when the UFC hosts a half-dozen events in Las Vegas every year?"

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