FAIRFAX, Va. - Jesse Lennox's face began as a medium-well steak: slightly pink. By the time welterweight Rick "Horror" Story was done with him 15 minutes later, it was a piece of raw beef, its juicy flowing everywhere.

Story displayed a thorough stand-up game en route to the majority decision over Lennox at UFC Fight Night 20 at the Patriot Center. Two judges scored it 30-27, 30-27 for Story, and judge Eric Colon somehow thought Lennox won two rounds and scored it 29-28 in his favor. That's a split decision everywhere but in Virginia, apparently.

Story landed a pair of big left hooks to open the second round to Lennox's chin. The crowd oohed as spittle came flying out of Lennox's mouth both times.

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Early in the third round, Lennox shot in and took Story down. Story made it back to his feet clutching to Lennox across the his upper back and shoulders, sort of like Rocky Balboa carrying those logs in the snow in Russia in "Rocky IV." Only one way to go from there: Down. Story slammed Lennox to the canvas like he was old-school WWE guy Corporal Kirschner. It didn't look or sound pleasant.

Shortly after the massive slam, Lennox attempted a pair of submissions but Story fought them off rather easily.