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UFC's Mark Munoz, Fight Club and an empty hotel ballroom

OK, sure, the hotel in Louisville where UFC set up camp for Thursday night's fights is well-equipped now. Open workouts proved that, what with mats on the floor and such.

But what about the past weekend when UFC middleweight Mark Munoz arrived? How was he supposed to get a few workouts in with none of the necessary MMA amenities? 

Simple: He found a ballroom in the hotel, pushed the tables aside and started rolling with training partner Jake Ellenberger. Then he found another room, and another room.

"I started my workout in one room, they kicked us out," Munoz said. "Then I started jumping rope again in another room, and they kicked us out. Then we found another room and that's where we stayed. It was kind of chaotic at first, I just wanted to get a workout in."

Wait, what?

"We were looking for gyms to train at, but they were far away," Munoz said. "For me, it ain't no thing to roll on the floor. I ain't no prima donna where I have to go somewhere to do something."

At least the ballroom was carpeted for Munoz, who fights C.B. Dollaway in the co-main event at UFC on Versus 3.

"We've been doing a little 'Fight Club' action down here," Munoz said. "Just clearing out furniture and just rolling on the floor."

Next time you make a hotel reservation, see if "Jiu-jitsu facilities" is listed as an amenity.

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