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WEC 46 and some words leading up to it

The transcript from the WEC 46 (Varner vs. Henderson) conference call was 33 pages long, which is more like 28 pages long once you learn how to skip over reading all the "you know" and the "like."

The remaining words were basically about the previous fights by Jamie Varner, Ben Henderson, Urijah Faber and Raphael Assuncao, with a few "[Insert opponent's name here] is a tough guy, a deserving fighter."

Every now and again, the fighters snuck in a few words worth repeating. Here are those words:

"I want another war. I want another five rounds hard. Bang them out, all out, knockdown drag-out war." 

-- Ben Henderson on his WEC lightweight title unification bout with Jamie Varner.


"It sucked."

- Urijah Faber on living with two busted-up hands after the second Mike Brown fight


"I don't get too excited about fighting [Jose] Aldo yet because I've got another hard-headed Brazilian to try to throw around."

- Faber on his WEC 46 bout against top featherweight Raphael Assuncao


"The Cowboy's [Donald Cerrone] done a good job of kind of badmouthing me on every open forum that he's ever had. And I haven't really had much opportunity to kind of rebuttal. And I think ultimately, it makes The Cowboy look worse as an individual, and it shows his lack of class and intelligence."

- Jamie Varner on his likely next opponent, Donald Cerrone


"I would like to have gotten actually, like, unconsciously stomped on in that fight."

- Faber on his first lost to Brown


"Shaquille O'Neal is double my size. I just met him the other day for the second time. And he really is two times my weight. And if I was 350 pounds and as agile and athletic as I am this size, I'd be playing basketball too purely because of the money."

- Faber


"Just because you love the Lord doesn't mean you can't scrap and make a living doing that."

- Henderson


"I like finishing fights. I like finishing them early. It's just not based on lack of conditioning. It's more like I want to end the fight. And I want the fight to be short, fast and exciting."

-  Varner on his preference for knockouts


"I know he doesn't drink, but I'll buy him a soda or something."

- Varner about his post-fight plans with friend Henderson

"It's like a great baseball player is 30 percent. A Hall of Famer is 40 percent. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury. If you're a 40-percent fighter or a 30-percent fighter, you're fighting in local promotions."

- Varner

Watch these fellas duke it out on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 9 p.m. on Versus.

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