This was a 6-3 football game, this Deividas Taurosevicus-LC Davis featherweight bout at WEC 47. If you want sexy touchdown-filled mixed martial arts, skip right past this fight during your DVR playback.

But if you appreciate defensive MMA and two strong 145-pounders trying to win in the clinch, then crack open a beverage and enjoy the 15-minute show.

In the first round, Davis and Taurosevicius spent most of the first round in the clinch, which Davis gaining a slight advantage as both fighters trades knees and short-range punches in between takedown defenses.

In the second round, Taurosevicius - from Copiague by way of Lithuania - landed a knee to Davis' nether regions, causing an audible groan but the referee didn't stop it. Davis groaned again a moment later, but again the referee didn't stop it, saying he didn't see it.

In the third round, we're not sure if anything actually happened.

But since the fight took place, we need to have a result. Here it is: Davis won a majority decision. Two judges scored it 29-28, with a third judge scoring it even at 29-29.

Before the fight, there was talk about the winner of this fight seeping into the perimeter of that conversation about potential title contenders. Neither fighter showed enough to warrant such speak.

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Taurosevicius (12-4, 2-1 WEC) needs to put more effort into his punch fakes when he tries to move inside. They're too obvious and no fighter will respect the fakes. Davis (16-2) certainly didn't.