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WEC 48: Jose Aldo easily beats Urijah Faber

Jose Aldo, left, kicked and kicked and kicked

Jose Aldo, left, kicked and kicked and kicked and defended his featherweight title with a five-round dismantling of Urijah Faber at WEC 48 in Sacramento. (April 24, 2010) Photo Credit: WEC Photo

Jose Aldo ran that town on Saturday night.

He asked to defend his WEC featherweight title against Urijah Faber in his hometown of Sacramento, Calif., in front of the Faber Fanatics at WEC 48.

Despite the boos, the "No Way Jose" T-shirts and foam fingers, Aldo showed why he's among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. The 23-year-old Brazilian thoroughly dominated Faber and successfully defended his WEC featherweight title for the first time, winning a unanimous decision.

Two judges scored it 49-45, 49-45 and a third judge scored it 50-45. Presumably, those two judges gave Faber the first round, then a 10-8 round later in favor of Aldo.

Aldo (7-0) won his last six fights by knockout, including three in the first round. He was decidely more cautious against Faber (23-4), a former champion and one of the toughest fighters in WEC. Aldo never attempted anything too crazy and was more of a counter-attacker in the first seven or eight minutes. Eventually, Aldo's leg kicks wore Faber down and rendered him ineffective.

"I was losing mobility, and he's very good and very fast," Faber said.

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Below is the round-by-round report as it happened:

First round

A fairly slow opening 80 seconds as both fighters feel each other out. Aldo landed a kick to Faber's front leg that dropped him - more of a balance thing than a punishing thing. Faber quickly got back to his feet. 

Faber attempted a double-leg takedown at 2:40 but Aldo was too quick and didn't let it happen. Aldo seems very patient to start, perhaps even too patient. Faber is more of the aggressor right now although he hasn't landed anything of note yet.

Faber ran in and got caught with a knee from Aldo, the second such shot of the round. But based on general activity, Faber might have won the round.

Second round

Faber seems like the faster fighter, most likely because he's the more offensive fighter so far. Aldo appears to be playing the counter game in the opening 90 seconds. Aldo is picking up the pace now, landing a  good-but-glancing shot to Faber's chin and a few leg kicks.

Aldo landed a kick to Faber's lower left leg at the 2:20 mark that seemed to stun him for a second. Aldo lands two more leg kicks, and they seem to be doing some damage. Faber keeps switching stances (from righty to southpaw) in an attempt to protect his left leg that Aldo is peppering. Score that round for Aldo.

Third round

Aldo is now the quicker fighter, avoiding punches, kicks and takedown attempts from Faber. At the 4-minute mark, Aldo landed another leg shot and Faber is definitely in pain. At 2:23, Aldo landed another shot to Faber's lower left leg. Faber went down from it and attempted a takedown en route.

With less than two minutes left, Aldo landed a leg kick to Faber's head and moved in for a series of punches. Faber, as tough as they can, withstood the shots and came out throwing and connecting on one or two shots. Aldo unfazed. Aldo does it again, landing a big leg strike and Faber hobbled. In the final 10 seconds, Aldo dropped Faber with another leg kick. Faber's cornerman carried him to the stool after the bell rang. Give that round to Aldo, too.

Fourth round

Faber is hobbling after taking another hard leg shot from Aldo. Aldo got back control with about 3:50 left and is trying to set up a rear naked choke. Faber worked his way out of the mound with just under three minutes left.

Aldo kicks, Faber falls. Gotta admire Faber's heart here. He can barely stand but he keeps fighting. Aldo has a crucifix with about 1:45 left and is raining down bombs on Faber's face. Aldo is landing short elbows from the crucifix position as well as punches and there's not Faber can do except eat them. Those shots don't appear too damaging. And Aldo wins another round.

Fifth round

Pretty lackluster opening 90 seconds until Faber attempts a takedown. No luck. Aldo not letting Faber up as he lurks over Faber. Referee Josh Rosenthal stepped in and let Faber up at the 2:35 mark. Aldo is obviously fighting this round safely as he has it won on the scorecards.

Aldo landed a good body shot with just over a minute left, his first real offensive display of the round. This final round is uneventful.

LIVE VIDEOWEC 48 Aldo-Faber post-fight press conference

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