Don't expect Tim Sylvia to beat world's strongest man champion Mariusz Pudzianowski by rear naked choke at Friday night's Moosin "God of Martial Arts" pay-per-view event in Massachusetts.

Partially because the former UFC champion hasn't choked anyone out since 2001, and partially because Pudzianowski doesn't have much of a neck for Sylvia to get those long arms around.

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Still, Sylvia has very little to gain from this fight beyond a paycheck. And we'll never begrudge anyone that quest. It's noble to want to work for a living. Should he beat the no-experience Pudzianowski with no discernable wrestling game -- and given that whole Ray Mercer situation, it's not a given -- what does Sylvia stand to gain?

Should he lose, however, let's hope he's got something else in mind for the next part of life. Maybe something comedic, or perhaps the occasional color commentary for other MMA events. His quote to hype the Friday night fight was rather amusing:

“I’ve been asked if it’s been difficult finding workout partners like my opponent who is 280 pounds with four-percent body fat and gases-out after 45 seconds," Sylvia said. "Yeah, my workout partners don’t usually gas-out after 45 seconds.”

Amusing. Sadly, this fight likely won't match that level of enjoyment.

(Photo by Przemek Garzarczyk)