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Will Jon Fitch get a title shot against GSP?

Jon Fitch went the distance -- again --

Jon Fitch went the distance -- again -- at UFC 111 and defeated Ben Saunders by unanimous decision. Photo Credit: Newsday / Mario Gonzalez

NEWARK - UFC president Dana White doesn't seem to want to give Jon Fitch another shot at Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title anytime soon. 

That's the price to pay for seven straight bouts going to the distance (including a loss to GSP).

Twice given the chance to address the next welterweight title fight at the UFC 111 post-fight press conference, White declined to say outright that it is Fitch's turn to try and dethrone GSP. And Fitch was on the dais with him.

The first time around, White said he'd sit down with GSP and matchmaker Joe Silva to discuss what's next. Usually, White is more forthcoming with definite title shots.

The second time the topic came up, this time when questions were directed toward Fitch, White said he might think about a Fitch-Josh Koscheck No. 1 contender match.

Fitch didn't seem too happy with that idea.

"If that fight was to take place, it would happen in the gym," Fitch said.

"That'll make a lot of money," White quipped.

These things happen when you can't finish a fight in nearly three years.


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