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HBO's 24/7 Jimmie Johnson, episode four

Here's the finale.

Best Spoken Line, Jimmie Johnson: "It's music and it's cars, you don't get more American than that."

Best Spoken Line, part 2, Jimmie Johnson:  "My life is a dream."

Best Spoken Line, Chad Knaus: "Honestly, if they are concerned about what we're doing, then it's a benefit to us because they are not paying attention to what they need to be doing."

Best Written Line: As 200,000 fans await the start of the Great American Race, a family finds a moment to themselves.

Best Supporting Cast: Earl Barban. Not only is he the spotter. he's also the voice of reason.

Scenic View: Not sure if the race footage was from HBO or FOX, or both, but it was stellar.

* The Gatorade Duel sequence was very cool.

* Nice scene during the delay when Chandra talked about the baby reacting to the atmosphere at the race.

* Loved the fans prior to the Daytona 500.

* Cool that Harry Connick Jr. was wearing a Saints hat.

* Cool that Jimmie actually drove out of Daytona International Speedway.

Obviously, the finale would have been more dramatic had Johnson won, or even finished the race. But here's hoping HBO stays with NASCAR, or auto racing. Danica Patrick so far has been a ratings boon. That's certainly a story worth following.

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