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HBO's 24/7 Jimmie Johnson, episode three

Here's our take on episode three:

Best Spoken Line, Jimmie Johnson: "They are just tearing up cars way too fast... A lot of people have sat around all off-season and they are little too eager."

Best Spoken Line, Jimmie Johnson, part 2: "I have to wear sunglasses around Knaus all day long so the thinks I got sleep."

Best Spoken Line, Chad Knaus: "Who is our toughest competition? Ourselves."

Best Spoken Line, Chad, part 2: "We don't have s--- that falls off the race car. There's a lot to be said for that."

Best Written Line: From the detriment of falling behind, surfaces a single benefit, steering clear of a six-car wreck... and ... From the madness of many, only one will win.

Training Days: Johnson vs. Gordon, battle of the pit crews. Won by team Gordon.

Scenic View: Inside the hauler that carries the car, its backup and the gear down I-95 from North Carolina to Daytona. They fit two race cars in that thing! They fit two race cars in that thing? Also, on the ride down, I've driven under the Daytona Beach sign quite a few times on the way to Port St. Lucie to cover the Mets.

Best supporting cast: Chandra Johnson. It would be nice to see more of her, and not just for the obvious reason. Her husband drives a race car about 200 mph around the track. I want to know more of how she feels about that.

Best Supporting cast, part two: Snoop Dog. He's a fan of Double-J.

* Love the flood pants on the pit crew guy.

* Slurpees. Nice. Did they get a brain freeze?

* Have watched NASCAR on Fox, ESPN and the others. The footage of the practice runs and the shootout looked slightly different, interestng. Nicely done.

* Would love to see more footage of JJ as a kid. A lot of time is spent at the track. Would be cool to learn more about his background.

* Sports Illustrated, last week, wrote that Jimmie Johnson was dull and thus his 24/7 series was dull too. OK. This episode moved slowly. Fair enough. The magazine  suggested the volatile Tony Stewart may have been a better subject. But here's my problem. What? We can't watch a series without a Mayweather dropping F-bombs all over the place? Or team Pacquiao stabbing each other in the back? Let's appreciate Jimmie Johnson for who he is. A good guy, an accessible superstar and the best driver in the world. Appreciate that. When Evander Holyfield was fighting, people in the boxing business never thought he would draw without Mike Tyson. The world was enthralled by Tyson the Bad Boy. Ya know, it;s OK to root for the good guy some times.

Next episode, Tuesday, Feb. 16. 10 p.m. Unlike the boxing 24/7's, this one will extend to beyond the actual event (the Daytona 500).


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